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Houston Bleacher Rentals, Staging
and Barricades
Need temporary seating? We have the solution!

Our portable bleacher rental is a quick, easy and flexible solution for indoor bleacher and
outdoor bleacher seating. With our 50 seat bleachers, you can quickly increase your seating
capacity anytime and anywhere. Installation and dismantling are quick and easy.
Functions for:
Sporting events, Graduations, Parades, School Assemblies, Festivals, Rodeos, Races,
Competitions, Tournaments, and More!!!!
5 Row Bleacher Rentals
Seats Approx. 50 people
Need Staging for your next Event?

Ideal for indoor or outdoor applications, Our Multi-Stage is a
portable, yet attractive staging system that is extremely
versatile and easy to assemble. It features a support leg
system that is adjustable in 1" increments, with an infinite
final adjustment to accomodate any type of terrain or unlevel
surface. Stage heights from 6" to 8' or more are attainable
with the Multi-Stage system.

Your Crowd Control Headquarters!!!

Security barricades help provide your organization's safety,
security and "peace of mind" to create focused site protection at
all critical perimeters and entrances. Security barriers are ideal
whenever high quality, attractive and durable crowd control is

Each barricade interlocks to the next, no tools are required. By
moving each barricade into position, you quickly form a
dependable barrier that is sure to get the job done.

Clients that have utilized our traffic barricades - Police
departments, event organizers, community fairs, festivals,
stadiums, arenas, conventions.
Pipe and Drape

8 foot tall freestanding gathered drapery wall
100% Fire Retardant
Black and Royal Blue Available
Available in Standard Aluminum
Makes walls, branch walls, cubicles, room dividers and booths
Makes 90+ degree turns

Use for:
- backdrops, siderails
- directional aisles
- service aisles & crowd control walkways
- catering & buffet service aisles
- hide equipment, storage areas, etc.
- divide weddings from receptions
- photo-shoot
Power Cable Protectors

Yellow & Red Cable covers for protection
5 channels
Easy to move to different locations
Easy access with flap to uncover cords on top
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Seats Approx. 100 people
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